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In Your Element Episode 39: Our Top Games of 2019 (So Far)

In Your Element Episode 39: Our Top Games of 2019 (So Far)

Episode 39: Our Top Games of 2019 (So Far)

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2019 is already halfway done, and that means it's time to check in on our favorite games of the year. This week, I'm joined by my guest Adrian Espinoza (@real_vdrivn) to discuss our top picks of 2019 so far. Will your favorite game make the cut? Check out this week's episode to find out!

In Your Element Episode 38: E3 2019 Recap: Highlights & Surprises

In Your Element Episode 38: E3 2019 Recap: Highlights & Surprises

Episode 38: E3 2019 Recap: Highlights & Surprises

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We're hot off the heels of another exciting E3, and this year my guest Claire Fusich-Falzone (@ClairityClear) and I got to attend for the first time! We saw a ton of awesome upcoming games, played many demos, met incredible people, and more. In this episode, we're sharing our highlights from the show, as well as some of our biggest overall surprises!

in your element Episode 37: Death Stranding Trailer Reactions

in your element Episode 37: Death Stranding Trailer Reactions

Episode 37: Death Stranding Trailer Reactions

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After months of cryptic tweets, Kojima has finally given us a substantial trailer for his upcoming PlayStation exclusive Death Stranding. The almost nine-minute-long trailer gave us an extensive look at gameplay, characters, Breach Babies, and more. This week, my guests Adrian Espinoza (@real_vdrivn) and Austin Elkins (austinlavistatv) join me to discuss our reactions to the trailer, as well as what it all means.


Indie Reviews

In Your Element: Indie Reviews are bite-sized episodes that are focused on delivering my full, written reviews in an easy-to-listen-to podcast format.

Gato Roboto

#6: Gato Roboto (2019, Nintendo Switch)

What do you get when you take a small cat in a mech suit and a mission to save a distant planet? Well, you get Gato Roboto, of course! In this bite-sized Metroidvania adventure, you'll do just that. Navigate an alien planet as a small cat named Kiki armed with a powerful mech suit as you collect powerups, discover secrets, take down enemies, and more!

Indie Reviews Void Bastards

#5: Void Bastards (2019, Xbox one/PC)

In this episode, we journey deep into the Sargasso Nebula as I review Void Bastards for Xbox One and PC. Void Bastards is a strategy-shooter with roguelike elements from the creative minds behind BioShock and System Shock. You are part of an endless supply of prisoners aboard the Void Ark looking to board enemy vessels, salvage loot, upgrade your weapons, and make it out of the galaxy in one piece. The only issue is, everything is out to kill you. Will you make it out alive?

Indie Reviews #4: Trover Saves The Universe

Indie Reviews #4: Trover Saves The Universe

Indie Reviews #4: Trover Saves The Universe (2019, PSVR)

Justin Roiland (co-creator of Rick and Morty) has another hilarious adventure for you to embark on. In Trover Saves The Universe, an evil alien being named Glorkon has stolen your two dogs, jammed them into his eye sockets, and is threatening to destroy everything. It's up to you and Trover, a timid eye socket monster, to rescue them and save the universe from destruction.


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In Your Element Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode: Nindies Showcase Spring 2019 Recap

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This week I welcome back my guest Eric Manning as we break down Nintendo's recent Nindies Showcase for Spring 2019. There were 18 different games announced and shown off during the presentation, and we give our initial thoughts of each one!